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Charli XCX - Famous

Labrinth - Express Yourself

Black Box, S.1-EP.6

Meet Jeb


A Lily In red

MiO Nights

I'll Boom Ya!

'Til Death Do Us Part

The Evangelist

What's Underneath

Badge of Darkness

To Cindy: The Woman who stole my dress


Gatekeeper - Supporting - SAG/AFTRA

Donut Guy - Supporting - SAG/AFTRA

Doug's Double - Supporting - SAG/AFTRA

Jeb - Lead

John/George - Lead

Cole - Principal

State Trooper

Russ McCoy - Lead

Ken - Principal

Body Guard - Supporting

Bouncer - Supporting

Det. Gurerrero - Principal

Todd - Principal




So Clean


Draeger MRV 9000

Draeger RZ 7000

B Braun

Sleep Disorder

Ortho Pilot Elite

Single Attitude Focus

eValueSelling® Fundamentals

Take that, Slave (AJ Creedy)

Traveling Sex Toy Salesman (AJ Creedy)

Player's Handbook Vol.3 (AJ Creedy)

Player's Handbook Vol.4 (AJ Creedy)

Post Production

Rock Your Writing

DBI Space Truck

Produced, Edited, Scored Project for Presentation to NASA

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